- The cabinet is made in premium quality stainless steel AISI304 (including side panels).
- The large drain valve (o 76 mm) ensures fast draining and a shorter cycle time
- The liquid soap as well as cool down water is added to The washing bath from The bottom, which prevents direct contact with The linen - avoids damage and shrinkage of The linen
- The FS-range is standard equipped with a frequency controlled motor and a free programmable microprocessor. This offers the possibility to set speed at random which gives a perfect washing result, a smooth operation and a longer lifespan.
- 15 programmable washing cycles qurantee the perfect washing result
- Temperature, washing time, rinsing and spinning, water level and soap dosing control, etc. can all be programmed
- Very easy to use
- Self-diagnosis system
- fully programmable microprocessor that meets the most complex requirements
- 99 programmes ( including 15 preset programmes )
- Very easy to use - two line display in your own language
- Very easy to programm - just by answering questions that appear on the display of the microprocessor
- Self-diagnosis system
- Can be programmed from laptop, can be connected to the network